Word Evidence

Discover innovative ways to generate evidence and engage stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.



Demonstrate value and outcomes

By combining advanced analytics with unparalleled data, we gives customers scalable, authoritative approaches to use real world evidence to meet stakeholder questions with the answers they need, including

  • External comparators
  • Clinically-rich data from data networks
  • Evidence and demand analytics to support research and commercialization

Continuous evidence generation across your organization

we create a framework for better decision-making across the medical lifecycle. Instead of executing traditional one-off studies, our technology allow you to reuse a broad range of relevant, existing data to answer multiple research questions, from research to commercialization.

Our platforms provide access to clinically-rich data sets and advanced analytics, with user-friendly interfaces and interactive visualizations. You can demonstrate service value more effectively, respond to payer requests in less time and manage more effectively across disciplines and markets.





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