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Our Training Management can help you increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

When the synergy is certified of quality

Thanks to an agreement between Starwhite and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, faculty of medicine and dentistry, we are able to certify both our training courses and the training of our customers. In fact, not only our courses are certified by a University Certificate with binding value issued by the University, but also the courses created by our customers, with their own trainers, can be certified.

Ensure a competent, compliant workforce.


M.I.B.A with Tor Vergata University of Roma helps you manage training and certification to support a qualified, competent workforce. It makes your existing training management system easier to plan, implement, and monitor. Our Training Management can help you increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. You will be able to:
Certify your employees with an University gegree for compliance with the tools you need to manage training on industry regulations, and your own internal processes. Built-in integration ensures that individuals are certified before completing critical quality-related tasks.
Streamline your training management system with online registration, automatic notifications, and simple requirements tracking. Once sign-up begins, you can easily monitor class registration, trainee participation, and results.
Increase employee effectiveness.
Whether you’re pratical training, scheduling classroom-based training, or using a compliant e-learning system, our Training Management helps you to ensure that each trainee understands training content. Plus, electronic signature capabilities capture employee and manager signoffs and effectiveness checks, while helping you maintain due date compliance.
Improve organizational oversight.
Do you need to be sure that a team member is qualified for a specific role? Would you like to quickly find a person who meets certain training requirements? Can you readily identify when training is due? Training Management’s reports and quality intelligence dashboards can help by providing enterprise-wide visibility into training gaps, completion, and history.
Tailor, extend, and integrate your quality processes as the demands on your quality management system grow.
Learn how we can help you further optimize your compliance training programs.

Risk-Based Employee

TrainingEmployees often know little about product liability and the role they have in the company’s overall risk profile. The acts or omissions of even one employee can have severe financial and operational consequences for companies. Risk-based employee training is essential to bridging the awareness gap.

Since the adoption of ISO 13485: 2016, life sciences manufacturers have continued to step up their risk-based training requirements. How does your organization currently define training requirements? If you’re not considering risk as you define them, you will need to add this consideration into your process.





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